Vision prototype photo

Vision prototype photo
This is the Vision prototype designed/built by Steve Rahm in USA.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Propeller and Cowling fitting

October 13/17
It has been very time consuming to get the fit of the cowling trimmed for final position.  Thanks to Scott I was able to purchase a pre-made cowling for my project which saved me a great deal of work.  The cowling fits very well and will require me to build up my flanges in a few areas to get the cowl to meet the fuselage perfect.  There are also two areas I will have to build up the cowling aft upper edges to meet my fuselage correctly.  Trim fit trim fit trim fit, 30 some times before I got it to where it fit best.

September 29/17
The constant speed propeller has been mounted to the engine with great assistance from my hangar neighbor.  Alan had a Whirlwind propeller on his past RV6 and was very helpful in getting my spinner and prop temporarily mounted.  Not having worked on the install of a CS prop I was grateful for the teaching course.  I am now slowly working on trimming the lower cowling to fit the airframe.

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