Vision prototype photo

Vision prototype photo
This is the Vision prototype designed/built by Steve Rahm in USA.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Air Intake Scoop

Nov. 8 2017
Today I completed the fabrication of the air scoop onto the lower cowling.  I purchased an air scoop from a third party vendor and am modifying it to fit my cowling.  Reshaping the air scoop was required and quite a bit of the flange and mating edges cut off.  I needed to measure distance clearances of the air filter box to make sure it fit within the scoop.  Once the scoop was modified it was bonded on to the lower fairing with flox.  A layer of bid cloth on the bonded edge will also be required.

I have anchored the lower cowling to the firewall flange using 8/32 machine screws with anchor nuts riveted onto the back side of the flange.  I am using 18 screws to hold the lower cowling in place.

The upper cowling has been trimmed to fit in place but is just resting in place at this time.  I will be installing Camlock 1/4 turn fasteners to hold the upper cowling in place.  I prefer the quarter turn fasteners on the upper cowling for ease of removal which allows quick removal for visual inspection of the engine compartment.  The split line of the upper and lower cowling will use piano hinge, this also provides for quick removal.