Vision prototype photo

Vision prototype photo
This is the Vision prototype designed/built by Steve Rahm in USA.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wing Root and Belly panels

The belly panels have been fabricated and glassed with two layers of bid.  Similar to the top root fairing panels two layers of poster board were attached, then covered in packing tape and duct tape as release agent prior to the fiberglass.  The fiberglass is yet to be removed so the poster board can be removed underneath.  Panels will be trimmed and attached.
The Leading edge cuff of the wing root fairings has also been completed with 2 bid.  These wing root fairings will all require some fill to get them nice and smooth.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Throttle Quadrant

My throttle quadrant set up has been modified to my particular needs.  The Throttle lever also has a lower reversing arm that can drive a throttle on the passenger side of the cockpit.  Mixture and prop will only be on the pilot side.  The passenger throttle will not be installed but will be available if required for X-training purposes.