Vision prototype photo

Vision prototype photo
This is the Vision prototype designed/built by Steve Rahm in USA.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Canopy, Box Spar and Wing construction.

Building the canopy and frame

Scratch building of the wing main "Box" spar.


Adding the interior ribs to the wing. The wing is built as any conventional style of wing with interior ribs, all foam parts as well as these ribs have fiberglass on each side of them.

 Below are the forward "D" cells which will house the fuel.  My fuel tanks are running the full length of the leading edge.

Below are the fuel bays all painted with a double coating of fuel tank sealant.

Below the top and bottom skins are starting to be installed.  Each wing skin rests on a "L" shaped flange that runs around the perimeter of each bay, slightly recessed from the surface.  This gives a protrusion of foam mon the outside surface that will be long board sanded down later.